We only have ourselves to blame

Life on Earth is experiencing mass extinction and it is all caused by us.
Extinction Six is real and it’s happening every day.

What is Extinction Six?

Life on Earth’s greatest challenge – extinction

Our impact can no longer be ignored or disputed. We are erasing the existence of many species that have equal right to call Planet Earth home. Now is the time to put the agenda of human-induced extinction at the forefront of all Worldly issues.

I am committed

Forces of mass extinction

Through the past 500 million years, life has faced five mass extinctions. The extinctions were caused by cataclysmic forces – asteroid impacts, super volcanoes, severe atmospheric changes and major weather shifts. No single living species has ever possessed the force to cause any mass extinction.

Extinction Six is unique, as it is the only mass extinction caused by a single living species – humans. We have become the proverbial cataclysmic force of mass extinction.

A brief history of time

A dangerous game

Biodiversities consisting of indigenous species within a natural environment provide the systems that produce food, recycle air and water, whilst managing environmental and weather patterns. Through destroying individual and entire species, we are playing a dangerous game with the integral parts of the systems that literally nurture and allow our existence.

A few facts you should know

Background Extinction is a natural phenomenon, with species disappearing at a rate of one to five per year.

Due to human impact, current estimates predict that species are disappearing at 100 to 1 000 times the normal background rate.

It is estimated that between 35 – 100* species go extinct everyday.

It is predicted that 30 – 50% of all species will face extinction by 2050.

As of 2014, The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) reports an estimated 2464 animals and 2104 plants are critically endangered and on the brink of extinction. Alarmingly these numbers continue to grow.

Over 1000 species within the last 500 years are confirmed extinct due to human impact.

*Many extinct, endangered and threatened species are unknown to science and therefore present many challenges in estimating actual extinction numbers accurately.

The ugly truth – a reality check

Human-induced extinction is the only irreversible impact we continue to have and the longer we delay in implementing solutions, the more irreversible destruction we will cause on the remaining species clinging onto existence.

The solutions are multifaceted and require input, thought and action from every individual. Human-induced extinction will not be solved through the work and ideas of a few organisations, scientists and passionate individuals.

Extinction Six is the Earth’s giant red flag, providing the necessary warning that we need to radically address who we are, what we stand for and what will we ultimately do as individuals and as a global society.

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These are desperate times and we must act now. By simply doing nothing we are participants in the Eco-Genocide.