Extinction Six

I am committed


I am committed to think about, and then act on, the impact of my choices, continually seeking ways to reduce my overall global footprint; to reduce harm to the planet, and both human and non-human species.

I am committed to questioning my beliefs regarding the relationship I have towards and with nature, continually seeking ways to promote views of equality vs. the belief of human superiority, ecocentrism vs. anthropocentrism.

I am committed to taking responsibility for my actions and to use my actions for the service of both humanity and the natural world.

Voice and Influence:

I am committed to using my voice and my influence to stand up against all forms of oppression, exploitation, cruelty and unnecessary suffering inflicted on both humans and non-human species.


I am committed to continually seek ways to end destructive forces and practices that plague the natural world through non-violent direct action. Destruction of property does not constitute violence.

The needs of the natural world supersede the needs of the economy.

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